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MZARZAR(posted on March 12)

Sorrow: I am soooo hurt. While I have been stepping up to the podium to express rationale from various perspectives, jadu and now you have been persistently getting down on my microphone. The sorrowful realization is your contributions to the discussion so far are only acceptable at the standards of my lower brain. Therefore, in adhering to your level of comprehension, I shall henceforth speak in the capacity of my lower brain, whenever I am to discuss public leadership with your female gender. Please take a Kleenex for your sorrows and pass it on to jadu.....because, gals, there’s still venom on your lips.

Sorrow(posted on March 12)

When MZARZAR was born, the doctors mistakenly threw him away and kept the afterbirth. His mom constantly abused him because he was so ugly. And that's how MZARMZAR came to be the man he is today.

MZARZAR(posted on March 11)

There you are jadu! I’m privileged that you converse with my second brain. Despite what your previous supervisors may have told you, down there is no moral stance for your advancement to leadership. Thus, I must ask that you raise your face to the level of my upper brain, so that I may instill more wisdom into your frail character. (Please wipe off any previous venom that I may have unintentionally spewed.) What is the purpose of this thread other than meaningless feminine tittle-tattle? For instance, if the purpose for this thread is to provide constitutional provisions mandating a female gender to public leadership, that wouldn’t work. It would further limit people’s freedom to choose from a greater variety of individuals who may be more qualified for such challenging role. Therefore, dear jadu, I ask that you reconsider your position and monkey business...and start acquiring some personal dignity.

Ina Chok(posted on March 11)

5 up! Although KFC has been called for a technical foul and as for Eject, you can't join the game without going to the official's table for proper substitute actions.


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