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From Conquest to Colonization: Spain in the Mariana Islands 1690 to 1740

By Francis X. Hezel, SJ

Saipan: CNMI Divison of Historical Preservation, 1989. 78pp.1989 Government History

The fifty year period between 1690 and 1740 is extremely significant in the history of the Mariana Islands, although it has heretofore received little scholarly attention. During the five decades following the Spanish conquest of the archipelago, indigenous Chamorro communities underwent forced resettlement, religious conversion and near demographic collapse. By the end of this period, the people of the Marianas, whose numbers had dropped precipitously, were living in towns "under the church bell." Utilizing contemporary letters and reports penned by Jesuit missionaries who served in the islands, Francis X. Hezel, S.J., examines the major events of this period and their effects on traditional Chamorro society.

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BE(posted on October 14)

Hey, hey, hey! We already have too many hags in our senates. They talk too much and do too little. All they need are genitals switch-over.

kamdukw(posted on October 14)

lol that episode of monica Thats when people were starting to wear WindBurn Parka instead of bill to clean a ton of money for ski masks.

LEaTheRmAn(posted on October 14)

sneakyreco,,, lol @ you.... yes you are... women destroy king,,, the wisest man on earth (solomon) was destroyed by women. the strongest man onearth (samson) was destroyed by a woman. and it is true- woman always desired to have the leadership... genesis 2,,, but when God deligated the leadership to the man He meant in the home,,, in marriage. he did not mean that all the men are in full control over every women... back to the example in the first post>>>>bill clinton is not the ruler over michel obama... bill clinton is the head of hilary and obama is the head of michel. that's how it works.... or you could say the bill clinton is the head of monica lewinski and hilary:-)... it only work for bill...poor bill!!!

Child_Justice(posted on October 14)

Look you guys! you got to leave the western concept of women in power when you talk about women and power in Micronesia. Let's be realistic, here! We do want to align ourselves with the "new world" but we certainly would like to do IT realistically, considering where we are and how we do things and what we believe in. It is not about who is better, or who must be up or down...it is about what works best and suit our situation best! All these women this, women that... and power for the women, it is all good, but remember, you will create more problems if you TRY TO FORCE FOREIGN CONCEPT INTO A TIGHT NETTED COMMUNITY. Be very careful there. We want change but we do not want change that would create more problems in our islands...stop and think openly about a realistic solution, not promoting women in power just for the heck of it, just because the other countries are doing it. LET'S NOT FORGET, "WE ARE UNIQUELY MICRONESIAN", UNIQUE WE ARE, UNIQUELY, WE WILL DEAL WITH THINGS.... No need to show power struggle in here, and offline. Let's be respectful and be mindful of our values and why we are still an "independent nation" even after being colonized by couple big kahunas in the past... you think we got something that was hard to penetrate? Me think so! Let's keep that and continue to work our way together into the "new world". Kinisou, pwan tirow CJ


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