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Junk Food! Danger!

2010 (20:36 mins) Island Topics #69 Health

School kids these days flash their red fingers- a sure sign they've been eating ramen and Kool Aid straight. Donuts and chips, soda and snacks- all of it is tasty, but unsatisfying and harmful to the health over the long run. When the stomach aches start in this video, the junk food starts to lose its appeal. A family that thrives on fast food learns to slow down in its eating habits after they start feeling the pains and hearing strange voices.


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Child_Justice(posted on January 10)

okay, which one was this?

Taxi-Womw(posted on October 15)

Mr or Ms "H", You must be a hard core Chuukese democrat, always appealing to the people to do more than their fair share for their country! What is wrong with Chuuk State going with that ADB Loan for its power generation system. From all the reports, it sounds like a very reasonable loan package, with reasonable interest rate of 1% and a livable loan term of 30 years. Why you cannot even find such attractive terms from the FSM Development Bank! Don't worry about "loans". The global economy is built on credit. US owes China treasury bonds principals and interests; Saudi Arabia owes Japan on oil futures; Japan and South Korea owe FSM in fishing license fees; Fifty % of our FSM government and business leaders owe Uncle Sam in college student loans; Fifty percent of FSM citizens in the US transact their daily lives on credit cards!!: everybody owes everybody else on goods and services and interests. The world's glowing economic forecasts and financial statements include loan interests which payments are neither due nor recieved. Let Chuuk take out that ADB loan and revive its power generation and distribution. That way both Chuuk State and CPUC know there are high stakes in managing the power system well to keep up with the loan payments. CPUC will never grow up if it is kept being pampered. It has to start acting like a corporation, not a political agency. It should stop looking to the public for bailouts! Businesses don't do that. They constantly search for infusion of new capitals and streamline operations for cost efficiency, or restructure or reorganize themselves into profitable enterprises. Pohnpei PUC also is involved in construction projects. Chuuk PUC should also bid to perform Chuuk's Infrastructure projects, water, roads, airport, classroom buildings, to profit from Chuuk's Compact II Infrastructure funds. Instead of allowing some outside companies to win the state's infrastructure construction projects. That would be a more reasonable avenue for Chuuk and CPUC to follow. It will show growth in business capability and scope and sustainability, instead of relying permanently on public support. CPUC and Chuuk need to realize they have to improve, expand their capabilities to survive in the New Millennium of globalization! This is no longer the time to just sit and wait for US handdowns! But please don't ask the Chuukese people to devote more of their family income to bailing out the Goverrnment. Most Chuukese wage earners are already burdened with three levels of government taxes, family expenses and social obligations, regualr church donations, allotments to the local supermarkets, etc. By Gosh, have you seen our Chuuk State employees' pay check stubs? Almost everything goes into debt payments deducted by the State Finance. The take home pay cannot support a household for the next two weeks anymore! Why do you think many Chuukese spouses are leaving their families behind for Guam and Hawaii? Please let's not try to impose more burdens on the families. We are just encouraging many more break ups in our Chuukese families. That is the social consequence of our current economic life in the islands. Our political and church leaders still need to find time to address. It is unfortunately real.

H(posted on October 14)

I have an idea! I know you all have good paying job. How about opening up a trust fund for chuuk and for the next, lets say, 3-5 years we all contribute a fourth of our income that way there won't be any talk for a loan or any of that sh***t.

HME(posted on October 09)

Let me try to answer few of the previous questions hereinabove. The visiting mission of the ADB raised that legitimate question as to the permanent site for the new proposed Power Plant on Weno. The outgoing Governor, Dr. Ansito Walter satisfied that concern by designating the old Public OWrks Bldg. on the commercial Sea Port (boat pool area) as the site but for a limited term of 5 years in which period a permanent site will be identified. Whe Governor Simina came in, the same was carried on as he agreed with. Under the Compcat II infrastructure funding for emergency generators was certified and approved by JEMCO for funding. This is due the fact that the present generator useful lives are fully depreciated/depleted --- cost of maintenance is skyrocketed while fuel consumption rate is abnormally outrageous. With this understanding and in support of it, the FSM President, not too long ago, proclaimed Chuuk power system in EMERGENCY. This was intended to expedite procurement of the emergency generators which are supposed to be in 40-footer containers. Due to the present situation as discussed earlier under a different topic, despite the emergency declaration by the highest man in the nation, funding for the emergency generators is still on HOLD. I supposed this is directly attributed to the recent audit by DOI/OIA in which the FSM Congress Speaker plays the major role. Back to the main subject, the emergency generators are slated to be located at the same site. This will help to reduce the time frame to hook up on the existing distribution system. Having the new generators install somewhere else will take time much longer to hook up on the existing system and a reconfiguration of the power distribition system will be required which may take months to complete. All in all it was decided by the engineers that it would make sense to just use the same site due to its Emergency Status. As you all know, right now the power system on Weno in Chuuk is one the verge to collapse and diastrous consequences is anticipated, i.e., sewer overflow, no water distribution, and a lot more... This arrangement with the landlords, the Kaminangas and Billys, were alreday in place and agreed upon. Thus, the only HOLD UP is with the US Department of Interior to give the green light to purchase the generators. The hurdles to do this is an understanding or explanation as to WHY, WHY, WHY .... as stipulated in the Audit Report of the Inspector General of DOI. Again, my friend Speaker Christian is being pointed fingers at. Can anybody assist in posting this report in here so that we can have a clear understanding about what we are talking about. I was only informed about this audit report form a reliable person working at the FSM National Government working directly on this phenomena. I have lost contact with him. Thank you and keep on generating worthwhile discussions. HME


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