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Ready for What?

2009 (38 mins) Island Topics #64 Environment Social Issues

Island people are famous for taking things as they come rather than fretting about the future. But recent disasters have taught us all that there is something to be gained by being prepared to cope. Typhoon Sudal caught Yap unawares a few years ago, and the problems were compounded when many people found themselves without some of the basic necessities during the storm. In this video the survivors help compile a checklist of items that should be prepared in advance. The same could be said of preparation for other disasters: fires, wave surges, even sudden epidemics. There is no excuse for not taking precautions and anticipating the worst. Ready for What? this documentary asks. Prepare for the surprise that could claim our lives or our property, the video suggests.


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Abby(posted on June 16)

oops, misspell, Sanctuary!

Abby(posted on June 16)

If I were the people of Sokehs, or whoever has control over palikir pass and near by reefs, I would declare those areas as sanctuay for our marines lives. Banning fishing, or any water-sports activies to give the fish and all marine life forms everlasting piece so they may reproduce and become plentiful and enough for consumption some day. Well, after Thornfin is dragged off the poor reef. Silly driver. And arrest all philipinose for illegal fishing.

Lempwei(posted on June 16)

Im not really sure what Bruce wanted with this thread, but I believe the subject matter is one of great interest (or should be) since we've gone belly up with industrial scale fisheries undertaking. The Compact I proved us impotent to move at any industrial level, so lets get back to the old methods... aqualture and agroforestry... the ways our old folks used to do to raise fish and cultivate the land. I just learned from our resident anthropologist that agroforestry was in practice long time ago by Pohnpeians, and that truly commanded my attention and respect for them. The reality is that there is a significant ignorance in preserving both practices which coupled with few abusive practices of destroying our reef resources (by Filipinos and Ms Thorfin) and our own forest by the fellow farmers in thename of commercialism and consumption. Both the Marine Resources and the Pohnpei Conservation Society have been warning us of abusive practices in both areas, but ignorance is still there and abusive practices still continue. The government should step up efforts to penalize abusers and retain whatever still intact for the future generations.

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