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The Missing Micronesians

2009 (56:00 mins) Island Topics #66 Compact Economics Migration

Tens of thousands of Micronesians now live in the US, where they have migrated to find jobs, education and health care.  This one-hour documentary, a sequel to “Micronesians Abroad,” tracks down some of these islanders in a handful of small towns in the Midwest.  Islanders may have once been concentrated in a few key destinations, but they now turn up just about everywhere.  Despite the usual adjustment problems, they have adapted well to their new homes, where they work long shifts, celebrate parties with friends, and even enjoy winter sports. 

This video explores the ties they retain with the people they have left behind. The impact of their departure has been felt in their home islands, but the millions of dollars they send back home each year is a boon for their family, their friends and their nation.


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Koputei(posted on May 09)

Villager, Isn't sad that Chuuk sent and then terminated those that were already trained? There were other chuukese officers that already heading over the hill of retirement but neva went to any training...they should have let those out early and kept the young ones that went to those trainings and send them to more trainings. But those neva had the political pull to help tighten their positions in the rank & file.... Sakuna, Maybe that SWAT team should be deputized national to utilize by the FSM National Police/if the FSM NP doesnt have one and dispatch em to Chuuk. Chuuk DPS would really appreciate a team like that to assist them in the taking down on hardcore criminals/filipin snipers/slingshots sharp shooters/and the so call "tough" guy myth in Chuuk. But we the pple of Chuuk, especially the other islands think that the Chuuk DPS in only for the island of Weno. Everyday they patrol the streets of weno, how about the other islands? Why don't they visit the other islands and show their presence? They only come out when there is "reported" felony crimes committed. They only "react" after the crimes on the neighboring islands already committted, well sometimes they don't. There is weno police...let them patrol their streets. Well, i blame the managers for this...and i comment and salute those hardworking/asskicking/dedicated/officers of our finest Chuuk DPS. Sorry i said too much....lol

villager(posted on May 08)

koputei, kaselehlie, sir ! (I like your name after hearing it in a couple of beautiful songs from Chuuk lagoon) last month at the official opening of the Micronesia Transnational Crime Unit (TCU) at Palikir, I heard from the FSM Police Chief that all of the Chuuk police officers who went to the first FSM Police Academy last year at PATS have left the force ! I didnt want to believe it, but confirming it in here is really sad. I saw them during their training, and they were putting up their best. one of the officers put up a good fight overcoming a serious problem associated with the culture of the site, showing strength and determination. I saw one of them in the honor guard for the late President Tosiwo Nakayam at Nepukos church - looks like he's from Uman. good news is there's funding for a second FSM Police Academy this year, and I hope Chuuk sends her promising officers to attend. It's a tough situation over there, and I wish your public safety department all the best ! kilisou, koputei

Samurai(posted on May 07)

Sakuna: Nice to hear. Your words are public comforts.

Sakuna(posted on May 06)

prodigy There is a SWAT team in Pohnpei already. Been in place for the past 4 years.


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