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The Dreadful Flu

2009 (20:00 mins) Island Topics #65 Health

Dark days have come over an island. The population suffers from a plague that brings just about everything to a standstill. Government offices and schools are shut down, and even stores are forced to cut back as their employees and customers fall ill. The sneezing and coughing, the chills at night, the listlessness are all signs that the dreaded flu has struck. Only one person seems immune to the malaise that has swept the island-a man who has been immunized the year before. When one of the townspeople does some research and finds a way to bring in vaccine, the population is at last delivered from darkness. The same blessings can be ours, the drama suggests to us, if we are inoculated against the flu.


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chris17(posted on September 08)

Isohkelekel: Thank you for such educational view. It is very important for us parents to understand that, "as parents, we need and must be educated too". We shouldn't expect and assume that our children should understand all things and areas of life. Being a child, his/her life is a learning process. A child must learn from his/her parents before even set foot in school. Yes, to discipline a child begins at home, then school, community, so-on and so-forth. The fundementals or principles of a child is, his/her - parents. Do discipline a child nowadays, trying talking reasonable senses, is good. To spank and physically discipline a child, in the US of A is considered a violation of the law. Crazy as it may sound, but it is so very true. Our childrens are our treasures and future! Chris

Jade(posted on September 08)

well said isohkelekel..

Isohkelekel(posted on September 08)

ok you english grammar teachers, lol. anyway, back at the subject at hand. these kids being taken away by the cps. there's no excuse here, let's not complicate ourselves with these english grammars like being a roman when in rome, forget that. there's a serious issue here. the parents are probably those from back home who discipline their kids like they're still in the mangroves. i think it's good that they were taken away. let this be a wake up call. for those parents' you are definitely need to be a "roman" cuz you are in rome" now. yes, somebody said not to forget our roots, nobody is forgetting those mangroves back home, but we must obey the standards of the society we live in. if neglect and abuse by beating up, spanking and etc etc is not allowed, then don't do it. for the sake of you and your children, don't do it. look what happened, our very future was taken away. the youth is our future.

kapingaboy(posted on September 07)

Child Protective Services, Child Care Services, Child Support Services, Foster Care, Adoption etc all part of State Dept. of Human Services. Yes, there are state and federal laws established to protect the warefare of children. There are mandatory reporters out there who can report child abuse to CPS. They can be Medical personnel, school officials, social workers, child care providers, law enforcements, fireman, lawyears, etc.. Child abuse can be in different forms such as: Physical abuse (punching, kicking, shaking, choking, or hitting with an object).....also a crime Sexual abuse (fondling, penetration, incest, rape, sodomy, indecent exposure, pornography).....also a crime Child neglect (leaving your child home alone, lack of supervision, fail to provide medical needs, healthy diet, clean environment..etc.) Emotional abuse (constant critism, treats or rejection, accusing, name callings etc..) Child neglect or Emotional abuse may not sound like a crime but it's can have your child taken away if reported. Good example of emotional abuse was few months back when I reported my neighbors (husband & wife...both drunk) fighting while their children were crying. The cops showed up and arrested the husband found out that the mother was in no shape to care for her children. They called in a short term provider to take care their kids while they must go through drugs and alcohol treatment. Little did they know their neighbor is a mandatory reporter and the good thing about it is you can stay annonymous.


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