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Feet First

2010 (24:00 mins) Island Topics #67 Health

As people age, their medical thoughts often turn to their heart or lungs or liver. Yet, the many who suffer from diabetes should also be thinking of their feet. After all, it is injuries to the feet that can be serious threats to our health, since blood circulation to the feet becomes poor and the feeling in our legs is often lost. In this drama, a man who receives an accidental cut in the foot while gardening finds that the wound is not healing as it should. When he finally goes to the doctor for treatment, he receives not only medical treatment but a stern warning from his doctor on the risk of amputation. He also learns some simple rules for the care of feet.


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Koarom(posted on March 04)

Kuttu, As you said, yes there are few bad apples in every organization including the U.S. military. We all should bare the responsibility to try to do the right thing everytime by not allowing misconduct or inhumane treatments toward civilians and the innocents goes unpunish. If I were you (Kaptalwach's Nephew), I will do the right thing by reporting what you have on tape to the proper authorities or the chain of command. I believe that there are no other military in the world that are well trained, well equipt, highly discipline and stand ready for any given mission anywhere at anytime then the U.S. Military.

kaptalwach(posted on March 04)

For fear of getting his butt in the slinger, he did not do it, because it was sitting in his computer. You're right about the bad apples, but that still does not justify why they did it? I mean if you're human... Hey rice, your making me angry....you won't like me when I'm angry...(skin turning green....) So you like calling people cowards, when you're not at work, helping or at least trying to give me an insight...I'm trying to be civilized here but you remember what I did to LAW2007...he got bi+c3D slapped off the forum...so give me something...not the tower of babble again...

kuttuisland(posted on March 04)

if that really happened your nephew should let his chain of command knows about it, otherwise, if there were unlawful practices that the soldiers did, when his command finds out, he is just as quilty as the soldiers. your nephew is not supposed to disclose that type of video if it is degrading and not permitted by his chain. army won't tolerate any thing that will depict a negative pic to the public about our great organization(army). just like any organization, there are few bad apples but army(military) is a very dicipline and law oriented group and we are professional in all we do.

rice(posted on March 03)

ah,poor nephew of yours....thats what he did at his camp because he is so coward.....we dont do that here at camp Liberty..we are the man....


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