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Can We Talk, Mom?

2002 (32:09 mins) Island Topics #34 Family change Social Issues

Modern families in town can be very busy, with the parents rushing home from work and out again to attend community meetings or social events. Meanwhile, the teenage kids have lives of their own, sometimes living far from the scrutiny of their parents. The modern home can be a lot like a bus station or airport–kids and parents rushing in and out. This video drama looks inside one such home where parents and children have become strangers to one another. When a teenage daughter, Susan, is caught sneaking off with a boy in a car with tinted windows, it's showdown time between Susan and her mother.

The drama presents the contrast between family life in the past, when members of the family were constantly working together and learning from one another, with the individualistic "gotta-run" lifestyle found in many homes today. How can a mother guide her daughter if she spends almost no time at all with her? This drama, based on four months of extensive interviews on teenage pregnancy, suggests that the best way to prevent this from happening is to keep lines of communication open between mother and daughter.



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