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Chasing the Dream

2006 (21:55 mins) Island Topics #50 Health Social Issues

Competitive athletics, even in a small nation like FSM, can be a pathway to the World Olympics. Chasing Dreams traces sports in the life of island people–from the pickup village volleyball game to the all-island league to the regional finals. Sports are more than just fun; they build bodies and character, while teaching discipline and endurance.

This video offers a close-up look at a few stars: Manuel Minginfel, Yapese world-class weightlifter; Maria Nikerain, sprinter from Chuuk; Elias Rodriquez, Pohnpeian long- distance runner; and Bryan Isaac, star tennis player from Kosrae. These and others engaged in training the young in sports share the highlights of their lives and offer advice for those just starting out. Even for those who will never become champions, sports can offer a vehicle for a healthy and satisfying life.



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