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Silvester(posted on March 04)

Misfit, That's hardly a 2 cents,..this here is a few "C Notes" and a bag of flavored betel nut. In fact, I am nominating you to be my next Representative in Congress. Intelligent and Modesty, what a combo...make me *weak in the knees*, turning my arid desert into a lush, super-humid tropic. Surely beats the hell out of a 2009 swamp-cooler in a hot mid-august Phoenix sun. dammit! I am such a sucker for intelligent woman. Meow, Meow!

Misfit(posted on March 04)

The leaders should concentrate and ask the question, how do we expand the modern economy while contracting the indigenous traditional economy of the islands? I totally agree with Prince in regards to this statement: 'We have but, the smallest nation portfolio in comparison to other developing countries, and yet we seem to run short in ideas on how to become a self-sustaining entity.' In development, the object is to transform the structure of underdeveloped economies in order to allow the process of self-sustained growth. This is simply not done, if we continue to rely on foreign exports as a primary fueling growth. With few resources, there should be a plan implemented that will deal with efficient and cost effective allocation of any exisitng resources and at the same time developing growth of these resources over time. Even scarce resources can be allocated within the same reasoning. I think a market industry is very beneficial to individuals within the society as well as the island itself. Implementing such a concept also creates more jobs, another part of developing the economical growth of the island. Just my 2 cents... I do hope these ideas posted above by the three posters are seriously considered. I admit my mind had to wrap itself so many times around what they said in order to comprehend, but they are serious considerations.

Saka(posted on March 03)

HCb, Urskeke, and Prince Well put and very thoughtful. Let's only hope our elected officials or soon to be elected officials are clearly on the same page.

usrkeke(posted on March 02)

Hallelujah hcb, now we’re finally talking! To justify and find evidence in what you’ve outlined as sensible, one only has to look no further than the current economic crisis facing the almighty US of A and learn a few lessons from this unfortunate debacle. In the center of this colossal fallout is the lack of capital flowing back into a system that has been fed primarily by a bubbling housing market that finally collapsed, leaving the American people with an edifice of paper value as worthless as dirt. Despite an initial TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program) and a son of TARP that followed, lending is still minimal and the public’s confidence to invest plunged further into the abyss, cutting off essential cash flows and investments into new machinery to keep the factories running. Well, you know the rest….less jobs, lost pensions, home foreclosures and etc. If any parallels could be drawn from this crisis, one would be the lack of investments that goes into new capitals that are much needed to spur economic growth. Thousands of miles away, on a smaller scale of an economy, we are experiencing the same economic phenomena, but backwardly attributed to the lack of money available at hand to invest instead of a confidence level being dampened by an ailing economy. This allows the FSM government to venture into private businesses, unknowingly creating a barrier to any possible influx of foreign capitals as it competes and at the same time, neglecting its main role in building infrastructures (one example-fiber optics) so I can get on with my web development business and also regulate the banks to release its idle cash into circulation as Prince suggested in another thread. Palikir, know your role. The floodgate resides in our foreign investment policies and we hold the key in the private sector grant. The fund must be exhausted to its maximum to promote flow in new capital. Considering the current state of the world economies, the task will be much harder to attain than before. In mainstream economics, land (leases), capital (cash flows, capital goods, machinery, etc) and labor (human resources, wages) all determine how competitive a product or service put on the market is. If we are unable to bring those 3 items down to a level where they are competitive, forget about producing or exporting products that would be subjected to an international market (think tuna) . Lets get on those land reforms. For years, the US policy in FSM has been to educate the Micro Man, hoping that he would get a taste of the good life, and because he was educated, ingenuity, creativity, and innovation, would follow and fill the void. Instead, we got comfortable and complacent with a big government and the void is yet to be filled. I’ll close with a modified version of that famous fish adage: “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish, and he will sit in the boat and drink beer all day.” Sayonara all.


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