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Disease in Micronesia: A Historical Survey, by Francis X. Hezel, S.J.

Review of the disease patterns and their effect on mortality over two centuries of contact with the West.

Pacific Health Dialogue.2010 Health

The Shifting Burden of Illness, by Francis X. Hezel, S.J.

Comparison of mortality in the 19th century with causes of death today.

Unpublished. 3 November  2009 Health

WHO Mental Health Research in Micronesia, by Francis X. Hezel, S.J.

Serious mental illness in Micronesia as presented in four different studies.

Unpublished 14 November 2002. 2003 Health

Health in Micronesia through the Years, by Francis X. Hezel, S.J.

The transition from infectious diseases to the era of non-communicable diseases.

Unpublished. 2003 Health

Schizophrenia and Chronic Mental Illness in Micronesia: An Epidemiological Survey, by Francis X. Hezel, SJ, with Michael Wylie

Survey of mental illness throughout FSM, Palau and the Marshalls.

Isla. Vol. 1, No. 2, Dry Season 1992: 329-354. 1992 Health

In Search of the Social Roots of Mental Pathology in Micronesia, by Francis X. Hezel, SJ

The high rates of mental illness and suicide might be related to stress generated by cultural conflict and change.

Contemporary Issues in Mental Research in the Pacific Islands, Edited by Albert Robillard & Anthony Marsella, University of Hawaii, 1987: 12-31. 1986 Health

Playing the Numbers Game, by Francis X. Hezel, S.J.

Accurate Statistics are essential for mapping out progress and fixing future goals

December 2009 (MC #79)  Education   Government   Health

HIV/AIDS in Micronesia, by Francis X. Hezel, S.J.

A look at the disease, its impact on the islands so far, and suggestions on what might be done to reduce the risk.

July 2007 (MC #68)  Health

Health in Micronesia Over the Years, by Francis X. Hezel, SJ

A historical survey of the change in types of illness during the 19th and 20th centuries

November 2004 (MC #53)  Health   History

Insuring Our Health: Financing Health Care in the FSM, by Marcus H. Samo

How to fashion an insurance program that will relieve the government’s heavy burden of medical costs.

August 2001 (MC #36)  Economics   Health

Bringing Health Care to the People: A Look at Dispensaries in the FSM, by Eugenia A. Samuel and Marcus H. Samo

A critical look at how dispensaries operate in the FSM.

January 2000 (MC #24)  Health

Social Isolation, Cultural Competence, and Disability in the Carolines, by Mac Marshall

How physical disability is understood and dealt with in the islands.

January 1994 (MC #13)  Cultural   Health   Social Issues

Mental Illness in Micronesia, by Francis X. Hezel, SJ

Report on the findings of a study of serious mental illness throughout the region.

February 1993 (MC #09)  Health

The Taste of Pork: Congressional Funds for Development

The pros and cons of the pork barrel funds long appropriated by FSM Congress.

2000-04-26  Health

Vitamin A Deficiency

Causes of Vitamin deficiency, extent of the problem, and strategies for dealing with it.

1999-04-21  Health

How Good is Our Health Care in FSM

Primary health care emphasizing preventive health and a health insurance program would improve health care greatly.

1995-01-31  Government   Health

Junk Food! Danger!

Ramen and Kool Aids, like other junk food, can be tasty, but a steady diet will lead to stomach aches and much worse, as this video shows.

2010 (20:36 mins) Island Topics #69   Health

Feet First

Feet. We don’t think about them much until they give us trouble. Diabetes can bring on serious foot problems, as this drama shows, unless we take good care of our feet. 

2010 (24:00 mins) Island Topics #67   Health

The Dreadful Flu

When an island is devastated by illness, a young man helps find the key to freeing the people from their plague. This drama shows what inoculation against the flu can mean for us all.

2009 (20:00 mins) Island Topics #65   Health

More? Or Less? Quantity Counts

In this drama an overfed family discovers that it's not just the kind of food that matters, but how much you eat.

2009 (25:00 mins) Island Topics #62   Health

Ashes To Ashes

Documentary on the battle with tobacco. Three young islanders tell of relatives they’ve lost to smoking, while others recount how they kicked the habit.

2008 (20:00 mins) Island Topics #60   Health   Social Issues

Stop TB

There are a few things everyone in the Pacific needs to know about TB.  This short documentary points out what the disease is, how it spreads, and what to do if you’re at risk.

2007 (15:00 mins) Island Topics #57   Health

10,000 Steps

To beat diabetes, you don’t have to run marathons or do full-court basketball games.
For people beyond their prime, walking will do.  How about 10,000 steps a day?

2007 (21:00 mins) Island Topics #56   Health

Don't Smoke That Cigarette

This Micronesian MTV features five numbers, all by local groups, challenging young people not to smoke.

2007 (23:00 mins) Island Topics #53   Health

Outcasts No Longer

Like lepers in the past, HIV victims in our day have been shunned as incurables, even though recent medical advances have made it possible to treat the disease effectively. It's high time to change our thinking about HIV/AIDS and our strategies for dealing with it.

2007 (25:00 mins) Island Topics #52   Health

To Chew or Not to Chew

A young man tries to make the big decision as he wends his way through the whacky world of betelnut users.

2007 (29:00 mins) Island Topics #51   Alcohol & Drugs   Health

Chasing the Dream

Even is not a pathway to the olympics, or the regional finals, sports can be a healthy and satisfying outlet for all. The video explores a broad range of athletics in FSM.<

2006 (21:55 mins) Island Topics #50   Health   Social Issues

Before It's Too Late

Cervical Cancer is killing more women on Pohnpei than any other form of cancer. This documentary shows the human cost and what can be done to prevent it.

2006 (17:54 mins) Island Topics #47   Health

Going Yellow

In this video drama, a daffy family, with the help of a karat-crazed Texan, slowly begins to realize the benefits of adding yellow local foods to their diet.

2005 (29:00 mins) Island Topics #46   Health

Smokey Joe: You Smoke, I Choke.

This drama is the story of Smokey Joe, a good guy with a bad habit, as he begins to understand the effects of smoking on himself and others.

2003 (29:54 mins) Island Topics #39   Health

Our Distant Relatives

A brief documentary highlighting health care problems with the US's Pacific cousins. Describes the social setting and the battle they fight for better health care.

2003 (11:00 mins) Island Topics #35   Economics   Health

Food Fight: Good vs. Rotten

Eating habits are a battleground in this drama, with good health at stake. A new hero, Good Nutrition Man, emerges with his partner, Exercise, to protect kids from the Rotten Food Gang.

2002 (34:16 mins) Island Topics #33   Health

Just Blowin' Smoke

Why do people smoke? This video does a light-hearted survey of some of the reasons, and finds that in the end they're just blowin' smoke.

2000 (22:34 mins) Island Topics #25   Health

The Way We Were

Two kids discover the contrast in body size and eating habits between people today and their ancestors through the story of the mythic giant Uab.

2000 (25:42 mins) Island Topics #24   Health

It Could Be You!

Sexual issues in today's Micronesia--STDs, AIDS, and teen pregnancy--presented in the form of four short dramas.

1999 (25:00 mins) Island Topics #19   Health

Living the Sweet Life: Diabetes in Micronesia

A humorous dramatization of a serious health issue in Micronesia illustrating the symptoms of diabetes and the lifestyle changes necessary to manage the disease.<

1998 (26:00 mins) Island Topics #16   Health

Breaking the Ice

A documentary on the Crystal Methamphetamine or "ice" addiction problem gripping the people in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas.

1997 (22:00 mins) Island Topics #12   Alcohol & Drugs   Health

Owning Our Own Health

Documentary on what Micronesia can do to improve the quality of health services and to take full ownership of its own health system.

1995 (35:00 mins) Island Topics #7   Health

More Than Just Doctors

A look at the quality of health care in Micronesia. Shows some of the problems that must be faced, more than graduating young Micronesian doctors

1995 (31:00 mins) Island Topics #6   Health






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