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High Water in the Low Atolls, by Francis X. Hezel, S. J.

Waves surges for two successive years have damaged the food supply in outer atolls and threaten even more in the future.

March 2009 (MC #76)  Environment

Climate Change is Real, by Ben Namakin

What does climate change mean, what are its impacts on the islands, and what can we do about it?

November 2007 (MC #70)  Environment

Renewable Energy For Micronesia, by Doug Kelly

Suggestions for practical alternatives to fossil fuel for island people.

September 2006 (MC #63)  Environment

Power Comes in Many Forms

Lower your cash power bills by taking advantage of the free energy all around you. Six projects you can do to make heat, light and electricity from the sun, the wind, the water and coconuts.

2010 (48:00 mins) Island Topics #68   Environment

Ready for What?

Typhoons, fires, wave surges, epidemics? Emergencies can happen at any time, so it makes sense to know how to prepare for them. This documentary suggests how to get ready.

2009 (38 mins) Island Topics #64   Environment   Social Issues

Pohnpei: Preserving Our Natural Heritage

A look at the three main ecosystems of Pohnpei and what each of us can do to help preserve them.

2004 (19:00 mins) Island Topics #43   Environment

Our Islands, Our Selves

This documentary, featuring footage from across Micronesia, presents the case for conservation, from highlands down to the reef. Each part of this integrated system affects the others and the lives of us all.

2002 (29:16 mins) Island Topics #32   Environment






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