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How Much is Enough? US Aid and Free Association, by Francis X. Hezel, SJ

Island governments are neglecting the long-range vision of self-reliance in their attempt to gain access to US federal programs.

Marianas Variety, 22 March 1985 and 29 March 1985. Also published in: Marshall Islands Journal, 12 April 1985; Journal of Pacific Society, No. 18, October 1985; Pacifica, No. 12, April 1985.1985 Compact

Power or Partnership? Making Compact II Work, by Francis X. Hezel, SJ

A critique of the US strong-arm stance as the terms of the next Compact are negotiated.

February 2003 (MC #45)  Compact

Rough Seas Ahead: The FSM Economy During Compact II, by Francis X. Hezel, SJ

A forecast of FSM’s economic future for the next twenty years and beyond.

January 2003 (MC #44)  Compact   Economics

Feast and Famine: US Assistance and the Compact Funding Outlook, by Francis X. Hezel, SJ

US funding assistance to FSM for the next two years and the Compact funding outlook.

June 2001 (MC #35)  Compact   Economics

The Missing Micronesians

They can be found in the most unlikely spots in the US, but these emigrants still keep their strong ties with home, sending millions of dollars each year to family and friends back home. 

2009 (56:00 mins) Island Topics #66   Compact   Economics   Migration

Pushing Out To Sea: Creating a New FSM Economy

For years the FSM economy has depended on US aid. This documentary examines what may be needed to get the island economy off the beach and out to sea during Compact II.

2003 (22:56 mins) Island Topics #38   Compact   Economics

The U.S. and the Marshalls: The Next 20 Years

A presentation of the terms of the re-negotiated Compact of Free Association: What the Marshalls will receive and what it hopes to achieve in the next 20 years.

2003 (37:00 mins) Island Topics #37   Compact   Government

FSM: The US Pacific Outpost

A brief overview of US relations with Micronesia over the years. Focused on the FSM, this documentary surveys problems of development in the islands.

1999 (20:00 mins) Island Topics #21   Compact   Economics   Government

After the Compact, What Then?

Roundtable discussion garnished with interviews on what will happen to Micronesia at the end of the 15 year Compact of Free Association in the year 2001. Features Resio Moses, William Iriarte and Alex Panuelo.

1994 (46:00 mins) Island Topics #1   Compact   Government






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