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Your New Business Doesn't Have to Fail

Promise and problems in setting up a private business in Micronesia.

2000-04-01  Business

The YTK Proposal and the Future of Fishing in Pohnpei

Japanese proposal to establish a large fishing industry on Pohnpei may threaten other fishing interests.

1997-02-13  Business   Economics   Government

What Can We Do to Promote Private Business

Exploration of ways in which the private sector in the economy could be helped to expand.

1994-01-26  Business   Economics

Swimming with the Tide, by C.L. Cheshire

Island development today could learn from the past: the importance of trading partnerships and self-enforced contracts.

April 2010 (MC #81)  Business   Economics

A Tuna Industry in Micronesia?, by Peter Wilson

The case for launching a large fishing industry in the islands despite a long list of past failures.

April 2007 (MC #66)  Business   Economics

Who Will Own Business in Majuro, by Francis X. Hezel, SJ

Study of how Chinese immigrants have become dominant in business on Majuro and what effects this is having on the local population.

April 2006 (MC #61)  Business

The Clam Industry in the Marshalls, by Francis X. Hezel, SJ

History of the clam industry and the problems encountered along the way.

August 2004 (MC #51)  Business   Economics

An Alternative Strategy for Developing a Micronesian Export Industry, by C.L. Cheshire

An inventory of factors to be considered before opening an export business in the islands.

June 2003 (MC #47)  Business

Business and Family in Micronesia, by C.L. Cheshire

Compilation of best practices for balancing kin obligations with what is needed to make a business work.

November 2001 (MC #37)  Business

Why I Can't Get A Loan...and Probably Shouldn't Anyway!, by C.L. Cheshire

Helping prospective businessmen draw up a business plan for a loan may be a bad idea

August 2000 (MC #30)  Business

Staying Connected

The wonders of information technology can help us keep in touch - with our own people abroad and with what the rest of the world has to offer us.

2006 (22:00 mins) Island Topics #48   Business

Off The Beaten Path

Where do you go to get a job?  Off the beaten path, a friendly gecko suggests, as he leads the hero of this video to a series of out-of-the-mainstream jobs.

2001 (28:58 mins) Island Topics #29   Business

The Job Hunt: Mission Impossible?

Stan travels to Guam in search of a job, but finds through a series of humorous mistakes that he lacks the basic skills necessary to be competitive.

2001 (24:41 mins) Island Topics #28   Business   Social Issues

Mind Your Own Business

The misadventures of a man who, when laid off from his government position, tries to open a private business with a bank loan.

1999 (35:00 mins) Island Topics #17   Business   Cultural

Take Me to Your Island

An hour-long look at the foreigners who have come to Pohnpei, with their quirks and high hopes.

1998 (62:00 mins) Island Topics #13   Business   Cultural






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