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Staff Changes

Kevin Cronin has replaced Erik Steffen as the new video guru. Erik has taken his wife and kids to Minnesota... at least for a few years... but he continues to work on the history of Micronesia video series from afar. Kevin arrived in late May and has just completed his first video for our series.

Sepio Joseph has replaced Jessy Joannes as our Number 2 man in the media studio. Sepio is a recent graduate of COM-FSM.

Eugenia Samuel is back with us after a short stint with the FSM Government at SBOC. Elsa Veloso is another returnee, now doing volunteer work with us between trips to the US and the Philippines.

Kanrina Puas, another COM-FSM graduate, has been working with the music collection full-time for the past few months.

Micronesian Civics Textbook

Micronesian Government: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow is soon to be published. This 300-page textbook shows the change in government in FSM through the years, beginning with the traditional forms of government in its island societies. Josh Levy, a former WorldTeach volunteer, did the work on the book. Printed in black and white and containing many illustrations, the book is to be used by high school students in a number of public and private schools throughout FSM. Copies can be ordered through MicSem at $16 a copy.


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When Spirits Roamed

Spirits were once everywhere, as this documentary on the traditional religions of the islands shows, but even after the arrival of Christianity they haven’t entirely disappeared.

2012 (60 mins) Island Topics #73 Cultural


First Class: Excellence in Public Schools

What makes a school good? Not so much the teachers’ degrees or the quality of the textbooks as the principal and a supportive community, this documentary shows.

2010 (42:38 mins) Island Topics #72 Education

A Walk Through the Past: Part 2

The historical photo albums on MicSem’s website done with motion and voice narration. This second disc covers World War II through the establishment of the new nations.

2010 (122:31 mins) Island Topics #71 History

You Are Not Alone
Rape shouldn't be a problem in islands where nightcrawling is common, right? Listen to the stories that these people tell about sexual violence before you make up your mind. The video runs 34 minutes and is director Kevin Cronin's first.

Ashes to Ashes
This video offers testimonies by three young Micronesians to the damage that tobacco has done to a loved one in their family. But there are also more consoling stories-the personal tales of a few people who have made the decision to quit smoking.

Ruin and Reconstruction
This segment of the history of Micronesia video series highlights the damage of World War II, from American and island viewpoints, and the slow rebuilding efforts under the US, 1940-1960. Running time is 90 minutes.

Sunburst in the South Seas
This video, Part 3 in the history series, focuses on the glory years of Japanese rule in the islands, 1920-1940. The video shows the beginnings of the first public schools, the rise of the sugar industry, and the growth of the new towns throughout the Mandate. Running time is 75 minutes.

Remember that all the MicSem videos can now be viewed on-line by anyone with a high-speed Internet connection.

Recently Published Materials

The list of material on the islands produced and published during 2007 is now posted on our website. Check under Library to find it, and don't be shy about emailing us to let us know what we missed when we were compiling the list.

Micronesian Counselor

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Make Me Be Good, by Francis X. Hezel, S.J.

How can reform of the failing education system be carried out in an island group where pressures abound to keep good teachers and bad teachers alike? There are tried and tested methods that will help, the author suggests.

June 2010 (MC #82) Education Government

Swimming with the Tide, by C.L. Cheshire

Island development today could learn from the past: the importance of trading partnerships and self-enforced contracts.

April 2010 (MC #81) Business Economics

Path to Heaven, by Francis X. Hezel, S.J.

Personal reflection on how the church and its mission has changed during a lifetime.

February 2010 (MC #80) Religion

The Cultural Revolution of the '60s (Issue #73, September 2008)
We all know that the island cultures are changing. But the biggest change of all has nothing to do with canoes or clothes style or TV. It was a structural change that transformed all the island societies with effects that we are struggling to cope with. The latest issue of the Micronesian Counselor explains the change and some of its effects on us today.

The Church in Micronesia (Issue #72, May 2008)
The church, originally introduced from abroad, has become a standard part of island life. Just as it has modified the island cultures, so they have changed many of the features of the church. Its past contributions have been many, but it faces a few significant challenges in the future.

What's Happened to All Our College Graduates? (Issue #71, February 2008)
In the 1970s, high school graduates in great numbers were hopping planes to the US to begin college. That was the age of the great education explosion, a striking turnaround from just ten years before when a college education was limited to a very few. Today we seem to have reversed direction again. Although our local colleges are teeming with students, the number of young Micronesian completing their college abroad has dropped sharply. How much of a problem is this?

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